My name is Maddie, and I live and work in Manchester, UK.

Stained glass isn't just beautiful, it's timeless. It never fades or dulls, and is as beautiful decades later as it was on the day of its creation. To own a piece or gift it, is to bestow something that will last for years, to be passed down from generation to generation - a beloved heirloom.

What I love about stained glass is not only the vast array of colours and shades, but the range of textures; from rippled Cathedral glass and streaky Baroque, to the fantastic creations of Uroboros glass with its dragon skin finishes, and mottled ring glass.

The name Violet Flame comes from my Reiki training - the Violet Flame is a high frequency energy used in healing to transform negative into positive. I feel that stained glass art brings positive energies into your home and heart because it's derived from the earth and stardust, forged in fire and is so beautiful.

One thing I'm particular about is creating a high quality product in the most unusual and eye catching designs I can. To that end, my glass is of the highest quality, chosen for clarity, colour and texture. I tend not to create the same thing over and over, so most of my pieces are unique one off's. If I do replicate a pattern, it's often in a different colour scheme.

I use glass to create art that will decorate the home, garden, workplace, or any space to add colour and cheer. Working from my urban studio in the heart of Manchester, I make lamps and suncatchers and do commissions where possible. If you have an idea, or wish for an item for sale in a different colour scheme, just drop me a line and I'll do my best to create it for you.

So, step inside my shop, have a browse, and treat yourself or a loved one to something that will last forever.

All items are packaged in recycled boxes where ever possible with plenty of padding and sent via Royal Mail.